Monday, October 5, 2009

SCSU Professional Panel Notes

For those of you who missed the professional panel here are some important tips/notes that I want to pass on to you!!

Career Fairs
Go to career fairs!!! Make sure you go up to the employers you're interested in - explain the job position you'd like to apply for and explain the qualities you have that you believe fit well for the job position - similar to "Elevator Pitch". Then ask, can you tell me more about the position?

Amy from Target said if a student uses this approach, by the end she will be trying to convince YOU to interview with her, instead of the other way around :)

Interview Tips:

DON'T: When asking your interviewer questions about the company you want to work for - don't ask anything you can find simply by using google.

DO: It helps to ask your interviewer questions about their own work or own experiences at the company - get them talking about themselves!

DO: Have in mind 7 stories/experiences/situations that helped make you the person you are - answer them like this - 10% on situation, 80% Action/Behavior and 10% Result/Overview

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