Sunday, October 4, 2009

BrandWeek Article - Stay up on the news!

BrandWeek's Stacy Straczynski just wrote an article about how Gender and Behavior Influence Teen Buying. Teens were put into 11 categories, including "young metrosexuals" and "jockettes".
Check it out if you're interested - very cool article!

Interview Tip: Please keep in mind that it is important to stay up to date on current news and events in our career field. It also can't hurt to study different markets out there.

In PR and Marketing, many interviewers are impressed to see that students are keeping up to date on the news. It also helps if a student reads a couple of news sources religiously, especially if they read certain journalists on a day to day basis! This will impress your interviewer.

MY RECOMMENDATION: Start today - it is never too late. Subscribe to the trib online or in print -

It also helps to get some national news, try USA Today -

or The New York Times -

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