Thursday, October 22, 2009

Part-time Internship - Hering Consulting (Unpaid)

Schedule: Part-time
Salary/Wages: Unpaid

Organization: Hering Consulting, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Organization Project Summary: Hering Consulting is launching a pilot e-Learning Catholic Theology support program aimed at helping to prepare those about to receive the sacrament of Confirmation; it is also valuable in the first year period after the sacrament. The program audience includes teens generally in high school (9th and 10th grade level) as well as adults of any age (often twenty to thirty-something) in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Program.

Individual lessons are currently piloted as narrated auto-play PowerPoint shows. They are then converted with Impatica for PowerPoint software to allow them to stream over the internet. PowerPoint allows for quick changes during the pilot phase and different technology will likely be used in the final version. (Impatica knowledge is not required.)

Web Site: (under construction)

Job Title: Graphic Artist – Interface or Presentation Design

Number of Openings: Dependant on availability of Interns to meet deadlines

Work Location: Telecommute / Home Office / School Computer Lab

Position Detail and Initial Process Proposal:
The role of the internship is to graphically interpret each lesson in a creative representation that remains faithful to and is appropriate for Catholic teaching
Most lessons range in length from 6 to 9 minutes each, and currently exist in script-mode which only presents text to the viewer. For each lesson the graphic artist needs to interpret the narrated script in an engaging manor that adds example value while not distracting from the message.

While other options may be realistic for the future final version and future approach recommendations are appreciated the present plan is to use creativity, stock photography and PhotoShop software to create custom relevant images along with text and necessary custom graphics to depict the lesson content using PowerPoint’s Custom Animation capabilities.

Two lessons as samples have already been interpreted in this manor and are available for your review that may be considered as a storyboard possibility. The Graphic Arts Intern needs to be able to deliver quality that exceeds these examples to achieve a presentation that is up to current acceptable commercial standards and expectations of the target market.

It is appreciated if the individual can express a vision of excellence for the future of this project while constraining themselves to the current software and deadline limitations. This delivery must be marketable and will become a proof of concept that positions this project for a final professional product launch.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
review the samples as a baseline and the assigned text based lesson
casually survey associates/ friends in the category range (What works/fails?)
plan and propose a commercially acceptable concept
select and download appropriate photographic images (
present your proposed design, layout, & execution plan for approval
size the approved images appropriately for acceptable on screen visual appearance while making them as efficient as possible for web streaming transfer speed
Do the Custom Animation in PowerPoint. Fine tune and adapt the timing for the most engaging depiction of the scripted message being sensitive to enhancing the learning process without distracting from the content
After conversion for web-streaming fine tuning will be required

Experience and Qualification Requirement:
Mid to Advanced PowerPoint including Custom Animation
Mid to Advanced skill level PhotoShop or equivalent software
Capable of consistent artistic vision
Able to negotiate and meet assigned deadlines
Able to plan work, present the concept in advance, and execute the design to be delivered in a PowerPoint Show
The individual must already have access to computer equipment with the necessary software to the internet

Additional Information: (Membership access provided)

Application Deadline: Open until filled

How to Apply: Email Paul Hering at with a cover letter and the following requirements

Submission Requirements:
Include samples of your work and a resume describing your related skills

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