Monday, August 17, 2009

Job offer after graduation!! - Ashley Robertson

Keep your eyes open as I congratulate some of our most recent St. Cloud alumni for getting jobs right after graduation :) There are jobs out there members do not fret!! Please feel free to contact these alumni if you have questions or need some advice.

Congratulations Ashley Robertson on your new job as Community Organizer for the Center for Energy and Environment (a non-profit in downtown Minneapolis

Ashley was St. Cloud's PRSSA Job Search Coordinator last Spring semester.

She explains that she feels extremely lucky to have found a job right after graduation. She had two interviews for the position and had to complete an assignment for them within 24 hours...yikes!

"It was basically a mini campaign, just like in Peter's 434 class. I literally looked at my campaign and used it as a template, I couldn't believe that I actually used what Peter taught me!!"

She is in charge of marketing and pr for a huge residential initiative in several cities throughout Minnesota. She works with the cities to promote the program.

St. Cloud PRSSA Congratulates Ashley for this success!!

Contact Information:
Ashley Robertson

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